Scanning Solutions

As a business owner, you realise the importance of time management.

Time consuming tasks such as data entry can be frustrating. You once had to manually type line items from your invoices into your bookkeeping software. Now, the software can almost be fully automated, saving you time and money. Important documents and lengthy orders can now be sent to your computer and out to a supplier with just a touch of a button.

Cloud Copy Click, has a range of HP scanning devices that can automate a number of processes within your business. save the environment and your time and make the investment into the right scanning solutions for your business.

Invoice Automation

Automatically add invoice data to your accounts software.

Process Improvement

Add tracking and remove manually shuffling paper around your business.

Document Management

Storing archives on paper? Stop!

Risk Management & Document Storage

Would your business survive a fire?

Scanning Solutions

Automate data entry and manual filing.

Page Wide

Need bigger than A3? No problem!

Boardroom technology

Add the next level of collaboration to your business.

Laptops and Desktops

Investing in the right laptop and desktop for your business type is crucial.