Managed Content

Plain and simple, managed content is used for platforms such as cloud signage and video walls. The content management system is a software application that delivers content to one or more digital signage displays.

If you are considering making the investment in digital signage managed content is proven to be entertaining, and has proven results. Think of it as a radio channel for your visual display. Here at Cloud Copy Click, we provide content management that is reliable, fast and user-friendly. You also have the option to modify business promotions.

Dedicated Media Accounts Manager

Our expert staff can personalise your content to get the best engagement possible.

Personal Graphics Team

Keep your platform up to date and display relevant and engaging material

Unlimited Content

We can create, edit and organise high quality and engaging content to reach your audience

In-House Support Crew

The strategy, design and implementation is all done for you.

Stuck for ideas?

Let us help out with content!

Cloud Signage

Communicate with impact using Cloud Signage

Video Walls

Nothing beats a big screen and you can’t get bigger than a video wall.

Purple Wi-Fi

Everyone wants free stuff Wi-Fi is no different.

Stuck for ideas

Let us help out with content!